The Reckoning I

Time-honored tales of Santa checking his list for the naughty or nice overlook the Big Guy’s treatment of those closest to him. This tale doesn’t.


The Carnage

carnage icon - person lying in a pool of blood

A young woman’s mysterious birthday gift sets off a chain reaction that enlarges her cat and results in the gory deaths of the HOA board of her condo community.


The Reckoning II

An aging Rock ‘n Roll legend decides to do some good in the world. In doing so, however, he violates the terms of the deal that rocketed him to stardom.


The Confession

A junior high student grapples with budding romantic feelings for his guitar teacher. The priest who listens has his own confession.


The Scars

scars graphic - a woman's stomach has a giant plus sign carved into her stomach

A grieving father processes his daughter’s death while living in her guest house.


The Abyss

abyss graphic - a person falling backwards into a void

A man wakes up in a former apartment with no memory of his present life. To compound his confusion, the entire universe outside his apartment has mysteriously vanished.


The Grievers

Grievers graphic - pall bearers carrying a small casket

A young, inexperienced food server tries their best to serve and console a grieving mother. The food server learns that grief takes many forms, all of which are complicated and bewildering.


The Counter

counter graphic - a section of counter has a strange object hovering over it

An empty shop seems to beckon Dennis inside. Through an open door, he can see a display case of some kind and it’s at once utterly forgettable and life changing.


The Recipe

Recipe graphic - a fresh pile of warm poop

Rachel and Kevin are a new couple when Kevin finds one of Rachel’s family recipes. The seemingly innocuous discovery reopens old wounds for her, which may prove fatal for him.


The Humanist

humanist graphic - stacks of money form the shape of a crossAn ambitious capitalist encounters a cure for his COVID ennui at a car wash: Church. Does his miraculous discovery lead him toward salvation, or further his journey into darkness?


The Bros

Bros graphic - styliszed phallus

A new anatomy-enhancing drug called Phallust hits the market with no fanfare. Its powers of augmentation prove to be much larger than Hank, a highly-paid software engineer, could’ve imagined.


The Americanosaurus Rex

americanosaurus rex graphic - a T Rex skull with a world war 2 aircraft for an eye

An intimacy-challenged romance kindles aboard a World War II bomber that’s been converted into a “flying” restaurant by an eccentric billionaire for people interested in a perilous dining experience replete with air-to-air combat.


The Shirt

Shirt graphic - a bare tree with a scrap of shirt caught on a top branch

A cataclysmic event also puts an end to marital and parental strife between Theo and Merrin. Maybe they can rebuild a new life. Or…maybe not.


The Narcissus

Narcissus graphic - A fingerprint that looks like a maze

Can a man live his entire life with a superpower and not know it? The answer for Ben Ruckman is yes. Will his late discovery enrich or imperil him?


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Bonus Story:The Epilogues

Epilogues graphic - a runner crossing the finish line, arms raised in triumph

Curious about what happens to some of these characters? The Epilogues helps answer a few burning questions. Like, what happened to Kevin? And did Cami’s cat ever come home? Did Lizzie actually reincarnate?