Shit. One of a thousand things I don’t understand about the relationship between my moms: all the weirdly neurotic competitiveness.

—Oh, well, I’m trying to figure out how it works. Do you want to help me?

—Well, I was just gonna ask you if you wanted to go with me to the farmer’s market.

I’ve told Brue all week I’m gonna go with her to the goddamn farmer’s market. Why do I do it? Because there is something of interest at the farmer’s market. Like a gambler hooked on Aces High scratch tickets from a first-time $150 win, I agreed to go hoping to see my couple again.

The Public Fuckers. I’m guessing they’re about my age, mid-twenties, dressed in pastels that would make any 80s fangirl yearn. They squished their bodies into a nook on the back side of the large structure that houses a lending library and exposed only their hands and genitals while jacking each other off. There was something so obscene about them that I couldn’t’ve left even if I’d wanted to. So pale, both of them, their genitalia so bulbous and out of proportion to their slender bodies that they almost look like prosthetics.

They saw me when I stepped on a twig trying to get out of the squatting position I was in when they showed up. I was peeing under some kind of drooping tree, and froze, my panties suspended around my thighs when they started in on each other. Upon looking over at me, I put my index and middle fingers to my eyes, then pointed at them, urging them with a single nod, keep going.

They did. With renewed—albeit a touch performed—enthusiasm. The young man ejaculated on a nearby bush. His semen hung on the branches like weird tree tinsel you might find at the farmer’s market. The young woman made the young man sit, so she could plant a foot on his thigh, and get her hips into it. Her butt was quite muscular, I was transfixed by her jumping gluts until I realized she was staring over her shoulder at me. I felt obligated to reciprocate somehow, but masturbation isn’t interesting to me. Why fiddle with all that flesh down there when I could be doing, oh I dunno, anything else?