When someone at church gets sick and dies, I move in with tenderness and a bag full of compassionate cash pooled from an ad hoc investment group I cobble together of high end clients.

Then one day, there’s a knock on my office door.

—Hello neighbor.

—Congratulations, Chris. I say. —It’s about time they moved you out of rookie row.

—I don’t need a fancy office if the commission is fair. She says.

—When does that ever happen? I smile at her and wait, actually wanting her to answer that.

—Word around the office is you are transitioning. She says.

—That could mean several things, what are you asking?

Chris laughs. That’s when I know she wants something from me. I consider telling her “I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to get back to it.” Instead, I smile and say nothing.

—I heard you’re moving into investment banking. I’m trying to make a similar move and I’m curious about how you did yours.

—I didn’t do it. God did.

—Are you serious?

It occurs to me I don’t know and I’m OK with that. —I don’t know. Maybe. Let’s do lunch sometime, I’ll share what I know.

—I was hoping we might get a drink tonight. Are you free after work?

I’d rummaged over scenarios like this many times. Chris leans against the frame of my office door, arms at her sides, waiting. A couple dudes round the corner on the way to the elevator. Chris turns her head to see who it is and I take the opportunity to check out her body.

My body flushes as I realize I’ve never seen Chris standing before. She’s much taller than I’d expected. I also note the hair on her arms is quite dark. Plus, she wasn’t wearing a mask, so I can clearly see she’s hot. My imagination has nothing to do as far as Chris LaPenn is concerned. Go ahead, take the day off imagination, I got this.

I’d remembered our compliance training from earlier in the week. I should say no to Chris. Enjoying a drink with a coworker is frowned upon unless both parties are participating in a strictly professional manner. Just because everybody does it, doesn’t make it right. Was one of the slogans from the video.

Fuck that shit.

—Where we headed, Chris?