The AuthorNoah Stroehle

Noah writes screenplays and fiction.
The The Stories is his first collection of short stories, which Noah describes as pointed pulp fiction for the 21st Century. You can learn more about Noah’s screenwriting projects here.

The BookThe The Stories

The The Stories is an irreverent collection of fourteen stories brimming with dark humor and Twilight-Zonish twists. These stories dive headfirst into the shallow end. Among those carried out of the pool on a spineboard are Santa Claus, rock stars, patriarchy, comic book movies, home owners associations, hetero-normativity, and so many more.


abyss graphic - a person falling backwards into a void

The Abyss

A man wakes up in a former apartment with no memory of his present life. To compound his confusion, the entire universe outside his apartment has mysteriously vanished.

counter graphic - a section of counter has a strange object hovering over it

The Counter

An empty shop seems to beckon Dennis inside. Through an open door, he can see a display case of some kind and it’s at once utterly forgettable and life changing.

carnage icon - person lying in a pool of blood

The Carnage

A young woman's mysterious birthday gift sets off a chain reaction that enlarges her cat and results in the gory deaths of the HOA board of her condo community.

americanosaurus rex graphic - a T Rex skull with a world war 2 aircraft for an eye

The Americanosaurus Rex

An intimacy-challenged romance kindles aboard a World War II bomber that’s been converted into a restaurant by an eccentric billionaire for the perilous enjoyment of dining guests.

Recipe graphic - a fresh pile of warm poop

The Recipe

Rachel and Kevin are a new couple when Kevin finds one of Rachel’s family recipes. The seemingly innocuous discovery reopens old wounds for her, which may prove fatal for him.

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